OPERATION WARRIOR SHIELD delivers their first two (2) companion dogs

Operation Warrior Shield

“Healing Their Hidden Wounds”

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January 27, 2022


CMSgt (ret) Edward Schloeman,

Chairman, Operation Warrior Shield (OWS)


 OPERATION WARRIOR SHIELD delivers their first two (2) companion dogs.

 Brooklyn, NY.—OWS announced today that they have delivered their first two (2) companion dogs to two (2) Marines who were seriously wounded  from the Iraq/Afghanistan war. .

In partnership with Doris Day Animal Foundation, Hope For Heroes and the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, OWS’ goal is providing uniquely trained, loving and supportive canine companions to veterans, first responders and their families who live with physical and emotional injuries sustained in the line of duty.

The 1966 Marine Vietnam Veteran, CMSgt (Ret.) Edward Schloeman, President and CEO of Operation Warrior Shield stated: “Our companion dogs unconditionally bring a sense of safety, camaraderie, and most importantly, a special emotional support that helps minimize stress and challenges that our heroes face each and every day.”

“Our goal is to provide uniquely trained, loving and supportive canine companions to veterans and first responders and their families who live with physical and emotional injuries incurred in the line of duty,” explains Schloeman. “Our companion dogs unconditionally bring a sense of safety, camaraderie, and most importantly, a special emotional support that helps reduce the stresses and challenges that our heroes face each and every day.”

The Labrador retriever puppies are YELLIN and LOUIE.  One is named “Yellin” (after the late  WWII pilot and OWS co-founder, Jerry Yellin) and the other is “Louie” (named after the late 106-year old WWII veteran, Louis Forte).

Both dogs were trained by Hope for Heroes dog trainers, Mitch Serlin and Matt Notaro. “We start with 8 week old puppies, and socialize them with various stimuli such as traffic, loud sounds, crowds, public transportation, and the like, keeping in mind the specific lifestyle and activities of the recipient vet and family,” explains Serlin. “Then we set up a bonding period for the puppy and family.

 Matt delivered Yellin to Marine Sgt. David Tupper, and his family, at their home in North Carolina and Mitch delivered Louie to Marine Sgt. Carlos Figueroa in his home in Texas.

OWS’ next project is a fund raiser at the Palm Beach Gardens  PGA National Golf Course with golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez, on April 2nd

  1. Please contact Ed for additional information.

If anyone wishes to support our programs, they can donate online at www.operationwarriorshield.com or mail a check to:

59 East 2nd Street  Brooklyn NY  11218

About Operation Warrior Shield

OWS supports veterans, first responders and their families with various wellness programs (Yoga-Transcendental Meditation, Individual Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (ITMS), etc.) and companion dogs to help those suffering from PTSD. They have been recognized for their work by many organizations such as NYPD, NYC Dept. of Veterans Services, David Lynch Foundation, Brooklyn Borough President, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce , WABC and others.

You can also find this information on “Healing Their Hidden Wounds” – Good News! (goodnewsplanet.com)

Pictures of the Warriors and their new companions are below:

OWS November Gala 

Matt & Mitch 

David & Yellin

The Figueroa Family


Operation Warrior Shield

“Healing the Hidden Wounds”

Tax ID 81-1268470 501C3 IRS Certified


1. 2021 started out by OWS thanking all those notables who helped us “to heal their hidden wounds”; Commissioner Hendon, BG Sutton, Julie Weintraub, Susan Lucci, Loretta Swift, JW Cortes, NYPD Chief Scholl, Chef Rush, Daniel Rodriguez, Mayor-Elect Adams, NYPD Wil Wong/Deputy Inspector Wachter, Cindy Marinangel, Greta Blackburn, Bob Roth, Tony Lo Bianco, with special thanks to Scarlett Johansson.

2. Job Well-Done to our Sr. Goodwill Ambassador Errol Rappaport and his Goodwill Team and the skills of Branding Ovation’s Bethann Carbone and Mike Heil. Also, to the hundreds to whom there is not enough room to say –THANK YOU.

(Those who perform acts of kindness without seeking reward, receive the greatest reward of all—God’s Love.)

3. OWS received many awards throughout the year—NYPD Certificate of Appreciation, WABC 770 Radio, Brooklyn Borough President Proclamation, Dept. of Veterans Services Certificate of Appreciation, Doris Day Animal Foundation Grant, Wonderama Productions, NYC Council Grant (Pending).

4. Creation of Operation Canine Companion and Hope for Heroes program to develop companion dogs for seriously wounded Veterans. First two purchased (Yellin and Louie) and trained for Marines David Tupper and Carlos Figueroa. They will be delivered to them in January 2022.

5. NYPD/DLF/OWS luncheon was held to recognize the successful program of bringing Transcendental Meditation to NYC’s Finest. The program being funded by NYPD and is to continue in 2022.

6. OWS Annual Gala was a sold-out event at The Water Club where our first puppies were introduced with great applause. A night to be remembered.

7. Plans are being made for an April 2, 2022 OWS/Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Classic to be held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

8. Picture is worth a thousand words !!

rrphoto by Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com ©2021 robrich101@gmail.com 516-676-3939



2021 May Newsletter



CMSgt (ret) Edward Schloeman, Chairman

  • The NYC Council has awarded OWS a grant to continue in our work of supporting our Heroes. As exciting, is the confidence that our City Council has in our ability to make a difference for our WARRIORS. THANKING ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.
  • Congratulations to NYPD’s Health & Wellness Section in having 32 of their officers graduate the David Lynch Foundation/OWS program to learn Transcendental Meditation. Our compliments to Deputy Inspector Wachter and Sgt. Wil Wong. Honored to have received below;

  • OWS continues to conduct successful Virtual Seminars in February and March with special guests; Tony Lo Bianco, Lainie Kazan, Daniel Rodriguez, BGen. Sutton, Cindy Marinangel, Greta Blackburn, Julie Weintraub, VVA 126’s Gasior, and of course behind the scenes, Elizabeth Merkouris, Errol Rappaport, Patric Hale, and  Lewis & “Cyrille”. SPECIAL RECOGNITION TO WARRIOR CANINE CONNECTION.

  • The NY Open Center and Operation Warrior Shield continue to promote Wellness Therapies and enjoyed our Brett Cotter’s Stress Relief Seminars recently conducted—WELL DONE!! Check out brettcotter.com
  • Please continue in supporting Operation Warrior shield in its efforts through donations to (operationwarrorshield.com/donate) and by SMILE.AMAZON.COM—Simply sign into that site and place Operation Warrior Shield as your charity of choice—very simple
  • PLEASE WELCOME MARINE SGT. DAVID TUPPER (GOOGLE) TO OUR TEAM. We look forward to working with him and to be motivated by his love of country and family—SEMPER FI DAVID !!
  • OWS shall been announcing soon a JUNE 14TH VIRTUAL CELEBRATION FOR FLAG DAY and once again been joined by our Celebrities, First Responders and our Veterans—PLEASE LOOK FOR INFO ON OUR WEB SITE.

From all of us at Operation Warrior Shield, thank you for your support and keep our Heroes in your prayers. God Bless America

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OWS Partner, The Open Center, Announces New Yorkers For New York

Our partner, The Open Center, has launched New Yorkers for New York to provide mental and wellness support to frontline and essential care workers during this pandemic. Click HERE to view the press release.

Successful Luncheon Hosted by Operation Warrior Shield, Tournesol Wellness and Anne Akers

On Thursday, July 12, we hosted a luncheon at the Landmark Tavern with Tournesol Wellness and Anne Akers to honor our heroes and to help heal their hidden wounds. Bob Roth, the CEO and director of the David Lynch Foundation, was our keynote speaker. He gave a wonderful talk about transcendental meditation.

Thank you to our host T-Mobile.

Operation Warrior Shield announces its new “community based holistic wellness program” with Tournesol Wellness

Recognizing the trend toward holistic care, Operation Warrior Shield, Tournesol Wellness, and Anne Akers, Veterans Advocate, have partnered to launch VETWELL, providing a menu of complementary and alternative therapies designed to address the most common conditions faced by our Veterans today. This includes anxiety and stress as well as fostering a sense of community, often lost in today’s society.

An Evening Honoring America’s Heroes

Operation Warrior Shield in alliance with STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE are thrilled to announce a very special evening honoring america’s heroes. The event will be honoring Captain Jerry Yellin (WWII), Honorable Charles Rangei (Korea), Colonel Jack Jacobs (Vietnam), Captain Anothony Odierno (Iraq), and Sgt. Brett D’Alesssandro (Afganistan).

The event is hosted by emmy award-winning TV & radio host Rita Cosby with a keynote by Scarlett Johansson.

When: Wednesday, Sept 28, 2016
Cocktails and program: 6-9pm
Where: The Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street, NYC

For tickets and more information, contact amguyton[at]gmail.com

Jerry Yellin attends the Iwo Jima 71st Anniversary Reunion of Honor

Retired U.S. Army Air Corps Capt. Jerry Yellin attends the 71st Commemoration of the Battle of Iwo Jima at Iwo To, Japan, March 19, 2016.

The Iwo Jima Reunion of Honor is an opportunity for Japanese and U.S. veterans and their families, dignitaries, leaders and service members from both nations to honor the battle while recognizing 71 years of peace and prosperity in the U.S. – Japanese alliance. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by MCIPAC Combat Camera Lance Cpl. Juan Esqueda / Released)